The company is working in this failed of cars rental with driver and without drivers.

You will gain much using our car

  • Comfortable driving & proficient host.
  • 24 hour service
  • Splendid cars
  • Maintenance service
  • Safari trips
  • Trips to tourists & historical sites.

You are wholeheartedly welcome to visit us as a highly valued customer to enjoy the comfort and peace of mind to be ensured aboard our automobiles.


Contact Numbers

+24991256691      +249111253561
+249918020081    +249121264007


Zilal Company is works as authorized agent for Skikan Company for insurance and reinsurance ,for all kinds of insurance.

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The company has the customs clearance license No. 18 issued from the general management of customs to doing all clearance works in Port Sudan ,this section is managing  by specialized  team in this failed beside to complete any additional procedures with authorized bodies with practical experience in this failed for more than 15 years and to provide best offers.

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In transportation sector, the company has fleet of modern trucks about 70 tons, equipped for work among the country.

Contact Numbers

+ 249   11246242

+249    012389404

+249    912290395

Contact Zilal

Khartoum - Ebeed Katem St. -Arkweet - Block 45 - Building 223
Operation: 0912290395
Maintenance: 0123883152
Follow-up: 0912389404
Fax: 0153985314